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phenomena and handling about Bearing warming

Rolling Bearing temperature’s analysis
1 reason:
     (1)rolling bearing cooling water break.
     (2)the oil degradation, oil itself dirty or the oil deteriorates in moving, such as if the water adds, the oil’s acidity will increase, so it will reduce the oil lubrication, the bearing was corroded, and result in the bearings’ temperature rising.
2 phenomena:
     (1) an alarm electric bell ring.
     (2) the mechanical failure of the machine next to the water wheel disk light , indicating that the temperature of the instrument bearing rise, the signal relay moving.
     (3) thermometer disk (expansion-type thermometer) black and yellow needles overlap or exceed the yellow needles.
     (4) send out the signals of rolling bearings’ temperature rising.
3 treatment
     When the rolling bearings’ temperature increases, first determine the result is right or not, if they really rise, we should handle as follows:
     (1) Check the cooling water pressure, flow and piping systems are normal or not. If the water pressure is low, the result may be the filter is blocked and can not handle, and then stop it until it can use.
 (2) we should check the governor oil pressure, if the oil pressure is low,  it may result the cooling water hydraulic valves closed.
     (3) checing the rolling bearings have stange sound or not, and checking the rolling bearings’ throw is normal or not.
 (4) observing the oil samples’ colors have changes or not, and conduct tests to see whether the oil deteriorate. If we confirme that the oil have been deteriorated , we should stop it and replaced with a new oi.
     (5) Check the oil standard oil level is normal or not, if it is not normal, to check the tank drain valve is tightly closed or not. If it closed, the oil should be added, if the sealed pad seep oil, we should stop and treat it.

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