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NSK Bearing’s Vibration and Temperature Estimate Bearing’s Breakage

I. Bearing’s Vibration
 Bearing’s vibration is very hypresensitive to bearing’s breakage, they will be presented druing the test of bearing vibration, i.e. desquamate, corrosion, crack, abrasion. So the frequency of vibration can be tested by special bearing vibration meter. It can not deduce the unnaatural reasons. The data what tests is different because of the using condition of bearings and installation location of transducer. So , it need analyse and compare measuring data of every machine before ascertaining the standard of estimation.
II.Bearing’s Temperature
 Bearimg’s temperature can be tested by outside temperature of bearing chamber, it is more suitable if can test the outer ring temperature of bearing by oil hole.
 Generally, bearing’s temperature rise along with bearing operatino, it will be stabilization after 1-2 hours. The normal temperature of bearing is different for machine’s thermal capacity, heat dissipating, rav and load. If lubrication and istallation are not suitable, the bearing’s temperature will rise quickly, the temperature presents the unnormal high, it must stop the operation, take the necessary preventive measure.
 Using thermal sensors can monitor the working temperature of bearing at any moment, and realize when the temperature is higher than the standard, it can alarm automaticly and prevent the accident of bearing buring.
 High temperature generally shows that the bearing is in the abnomal condition. At the same time, it is bad for lubricant. Sometimes the high temperature of bearing is because of lubricant. If the bearing works in a upper 125°situatuion long time, the life-span will be shortened. The reasons of bringing out the high temperature include: lack or overabundance lubricant, impurity of lubricant, more load, damage of bearing, less space, oil seal making large attrition,etc.
 Hence the unremitting monitoring the temperature is necessary, whether the measuring bearing or other important parts.
 If on the condition of stable operation, any changes of temperature can show the trouble what has made.
 Bearing’s temperature’s peiodic testing can use thermometer, i.e. SKF numeral thermometer, can monitor the temperature exactly.
 The important bearing’s damange means the machine can’t work, so this kind of bearing should located temperature detector. Normally, bearing’s temperature will rise one or two days naturally after lubricating or relubricating.

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